About Us


Formerly the Waterfront and Tarpon Hotel, The Innlet on the Waterfront is the property of choice for fishermen and families alike on the Boca Grande Bayou. We are the gateway to the Southwest Florida’s Intracostal waterways and surrounding barrier islands.

Located at the midway point on Gasparilla Island, The Innlet attracts fishermen and other visitors who want to escape the modern-day milieu and submerse themselves in Gasparilla Island’s “Old-World” charm.

Quiet solitude is easy to find here, whether you are traipsing the land or navigating the water. No high-rise buildings, no traffic lights can be found. What you will find are plenty of opportunities for fishing, boating, beaching, shelling, shopping, dining, and…relaxing.

The Inn Marina

Owned and operated by The Gasparilla Inn & Club, this full-service marina is open to the public and located three short blocks from The Innlet. It also can be accessed via the Intracostal Waterway from the south at channel marker #2 or from the north by heading between markers #4 and #5.

A premier Mercury Service Dealer, The Inn Marina has fully certified Mercury technicians on site Monday through Saturday for boat repairs, detailing and other services. Fuel, live bait and miscellaneous boating supplies, snacks, ice cream treats, etc. are offered in the new ships’ store. The Marina offers both wet and dry boat storage. Overnight docking is always available for those arriving by boat to Gasparilla Island.

Daily hours of operation are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For information on the Marina and its services, please call 855.643.7557.

Island History

Gasparilla Island has a vibrant history that began more than 2,000 years ago when the Calusa Indians first inhabited the tiny island and made Charlotte Harbor the center of their empire. By the mid 1700s, the tribe had all but disappeared due to clashes with European explorers.

In 1885, phosphate rock was discovered east of Gasparilla Island across Charlotte Harbor along the Peace River. This discovery turned the south end of the island into a major deep water port and eventually led to the development of Boca Grande. Phosphate, a valuable mineral for fertilizers and other products, was shipped worldwide from Port Boca Grande until the 1970s when the line was abandoned.

In 1907, Charlotte Harbor was completed, as was the Northern Railroad, which linked Gasparilla Island to the mainland. The railroad brought wealthy visitors and, just three years later, Boca Grande Pass had established itself as a world-class tarpon fishing destination. Soon, the village of Boca Grande was developed, and winter residences were built for upper class families from the northern states.

When the Boca Grande Causeway was opened in 1958, the railroad was closed and its old bed was turned into Boca Grande’s popular bike path. Gasparilla flourishes today as a prized retreat for tourists and fishermen who appreciate the island’s “Old World” Florida charm.